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Standard Services

(included in all visits)


-Special Requests (time permitting)

-Medications (if needed)

-Clean up

-Walk (if requested)


-Start/stop texts

-Premium, specialized care

-2 pets included in price

German Shephard Pomsky


Does your dog have some energy they need to burn off? Gone for an extended period of time? Hate walking your dog in the winter? Exercise and socialization are very important for your pups mental health! We make sure your pup is happy, content and tired! These walks last 1 hour in time and can be done in your neighborhood or short driving distance away! 

-Single Walk: $30.00

**REGULARS that book 3x per week on a consistent basis receive 10% off!**


Potty Break 

Need to run an errand on lunch break or after work but don't have time because you have to run home to let the dog out ? Want customized, in-home care provided while you're out? Short(er) walk? We spend approximately. I spend a minimum of 20 mins (if there is time, I always spend more) ensuring that your pet has taken care of all their needs. 

-Single Drop-in: $20

**REGULARS that book 3x per week on a consistent basis receive 10% off!**



Our "standard" and most popular service! Right in between a short potty break & extended walk- this is the perfect mid-day service! Approx. a 40 minute walk around the neighborhood. Consistency and routines show an improvement in mental health in dogs, just as they do in humans. I like to think of it as a little recess! 

**REGULARS that book 3x per week on a consistent basis receive 10% off!**

Clear Lake Iowa


Is "in-home" care more suitable for you and your pet? Don't like boarding? 

All Standard Services Included

-Starting $75/day 

-Schedule meet and greet

-Create custom plan for your dog while you're on vacation 

-available on a very LIMITED BASIS-

-must be booked 1 month in advance -

Oscar running.jpg


Ruby nose_edited.jpg

Dog Park 

-Extended Stay: $30/hr (booked 2 weeks in advance)

-Wedding Attendant: Custom pricing

-Cat visits: $15

-3+ dogs- $5/dog (Max. 5 dogs)

-Weekend- $5/day

-Holiday- $20

If there is a service I didn't mention that you're curious about, feel free to contact me, I'd love to help in any way I can! 

**I do not do boarding in my home or at a facility; only in-home services**


**Locations Outside of MC/CL**

+$10 : Ventura, Rock Falls, Rockwell

+$15 : Sheffield, Nora Springs, Manly, Fertile/Hanlontown

-Other locations negotiable- 

-all pending availability-

Every dog loves a fun outing to make new friends! They come back exhausted & you can relax after a long day at work! 

Add-on to any standard service- $5/visit

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